Fall Prevention Program

Falls and hip fractures rates in all older people can be reduced by strength and balance retraining exercises.

One in three adults over the age of 65 will experience a fall this year, which can result in injury and even death. Among the injuries, hip fracture will be the most common and can seriously affect a person’s ability to remain independent.

Our falls prevention program is designed to individually assess each participant and design a specific program incorporating,


Strengthening, Endurance, balance, exercises

An assessment of the patient’s home

Assessment of walking aides if needed

Liaison with other health care professionals regarding possible fall risk factors

If you believe that you may benefit from this program, or if you would like to discuss the program in more detail, please contact us on

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Our Physio's are able to treat the following conditions

•Neck Pain
•Back Pain
•Joint Pain and Stiffness
•Sprains and Strains
•Whiplash injuries
•Falls Prevention
•Regaining strength and function after hospitalisation
•Gait training
•Balance drills
•Therapeutic exercise
•Equipment ordering and training
•Stroke Rehabilitation
•Post Surgical Rehabilitation
•Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
•Home Safety Assessments

You Can Come to Us

Central Coast Home Physio, now has a clinic at Saratoga Medical Centre, so if you would prefer to come to us for treatment, now you can.

We are located at Shop 1/10 Village Rd, Saratoga NSW 2251

Appointments can be made by calling

Central Coast Home Physio

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Saratoga Medical                     4363 1066


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Central Coast Home Physio has
licensed, experienced, and caring physiotherapists who provide
treatment to their patients as well
as simultaneously educating families
and caregivers, all in the home.

Physiotherapy in the home setting
provides patients with tailored care for
speedy recovery in the setting where they need it most.

Whether your goal is to decrease
pain and regain strength , maximise recovery and function post surgery, minimise the risk of falls or simply stay independent for longer,
home based physio will be of great benefit to you.
Benefits of physiotherapy
in the home.
◾It’s easier to train caregivers & family members in your
own environment.
◾Immediate problem solving for
in-home situations.
◾No need to arrange for transportation.
◾Less fatiguing for the patient.
◾Fall prevention screening is specific to the home


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